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Located at 308A Punggol Walk, right across the road of Punggol Waterway Point,  PunggolMathTuition offers Small group Math Tuition from Primary 1 to PSLE Math, Secondary 1 to Secondary 4 Express students for E Maths and A Maths



$180 (4 x Weekly x 1.5hr)

Do not underestimate the impact of secondary 1 math as this is the year that Students are taugth to solve problems totally different from the approaches used in the PSLE. Students would be very much tempted to use their PSLE methods to deliver their answers, ignoring the need to build up the new competencies needed for the next few years.


$180 (4 x Weekly x 1.5hr)

During SEC 2, most schools tend to neglect on the time required for indicies, algebra fraction simplications, algebra expansions and factorizations which are the fundamental for students that will be taking A-math in the O levels.



$200 (4 x Weekly x 1.5hr)

SEC 3 Students are preparing for their O Levels and the school would be on a fast track to complete as much content as possible. However, this is also the typical year that students would be faced with the sudden  surge in standard of their answers towards O level standards


$200 (4 x Weekly x 1.5hr)

This is the final year in preparation for their O levels, School will rush off to finish the syllabus and start failing students by giving all the extra difficult prelimary exams and other school papers. Students are more often stressed and may just give up totally instead of focusing and targetting on the Topics which they are weak in.



$200 (4 x Weekly x 1.5hr)

This is the year that the identified students who are selected to take on A-Math would taste the stretched challenges of A-math. Those who are borderline in their foundation building in Sec 1 & 2 will find it difficult to absorb the content of this deeper math subject.


$200 (4 x Weekly x 1.5hr)

This is the final year in preparation for their O levels. School will be rushing to complete the syllabus by April or May. Trigonometry, logaritums, differentiations, and integrations are topics that are totally new for students to master duing these few months.

PLSE Math.jpg


$150 (4 x Weekly x 1.5hr)

Upper Primary is about preparation towards PSLE Math. Knowing the content will not be enough to Ace the subject as exam questions may be phrase differently and do not appear in the same sequence as they appear in the textbook.  We provide lots of other schools paper for practices to gear up your child's ability to tackle these trick questions and these had worked for previous A students.


S120 ( 4 x Weekly x 1.5hr)

Math is one of the most basic skills we expect our children to master. These early years of foundation building could be more important than you might think especially on developing interest, confidence on the subject which will propogate through the later years. Our class builds a regular intervals of milestones to reach for each levels to supplement your child's ability to generate love and Ace the subject.

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ZS Cheong (MBA,B Eng Chemical)

Mr Cheong teaches the Secondary 1-4 classes.

"I am an analytics champion and always have a passion for mathematics. I love numbers and love to spend time coaching secondary school students who should really be enjoying the subject instead of strugging with it. 

Students who do well in maths could indirectly have more time for revision on other subjects, so many of my previous students had exploited such advantages and do well considerably over their peers. My 20 years of experiences bags me with different approaches, special tricks and shortcuts to help students simplify and do their mathematics well. 

Some school teachers are really behind in terms of their subject content deliveries due to constraints in the classroom environment, such as the need for interactive teachings, eteaching, promoting independent learnings....etc. I could totally understand why some students are lagging behind as their school teachers expects them to know Logariturms or Trigonometry via doing some online interactive classes during the school holidays. 

My closy little place offers air-conditioned and bright teaching environment for students to learn and bring back something useful. No homework, easy concepts and sufficient practices during classes. I am really easy and love to interact with teenagers to provide them my lens. 

I only coach secondary school students and have only a few slots per level only. enquire early to reserve your slot for 2018. Students should really start in Jan in order not to lag behind and be stressed from the begining of the year.

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Jaslyn CHONG (BBA)

Who will be teaching Primary School Math Lessons.


Ex School Teacher
Passionate for Primary School Education
Primary Math Curriculum Specialist
More than 10 years of Tutoring/Teaching Experience
Unique programme with a targeted & interactive approach to help students do well in Primary Mathematics.

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"I enjoyed all the lessons with Mr Cheong, he is probably the smartest math teacher who has ever taught me. Its very easy to ask him in person and on watsapp on questions which I have trouble in. He is also a good mentor in where you want to go and do in future."

Alysious Lim


308A Punggol Walk
Singapore, 821308

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My son score from 50 to 76 thanks to Mr Cheong. My son say his school teacher is not as good as him. Due to his good results in maths, he can go to JC.”


“I was strugging through my maths, but his demonstration of solving the problems and the practices in class gave me some advantages of my learning over my fellow schoolmates. I really could not imagine doing well in maths until Mr Cheong had helped me. He is patient but demands full attention and no nosence during class as everyone is expecting to learn and he wants to ensure that. I always ask questions, he is really nice.”

Karen (EdgeField Secondary)

Mr Cheong has helped me to turned my A-Maths from F9 to A2! and A1 for my E Maths. Becaue of these good results, I could go to JC as my L1R5 is only 16 although I finally decided not to. He could really make me understand well while my school teachers had not focused on the areas which I was weak in , resulting my lost of confidence and almost giving up when I see those F9 results.

Chole (Greendale)

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